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Emergency medicine is one of the fastest growing specialties in Malaysia and also in the South East Asian region. To ensure that the growth of the specialty is sustainable, the specialty should produce good researches using local South East Asian data. Having such a platform for these researches will encourage more publications in clinical and administrative emergency medicine.

These includes traumatology, emergency and critical care ultrasound, toxicology, pre-hospital care, paediatric emergency medicine, geriatric emergency medicine, palliative care, hyperbaric medicine, disaster medicine, simulation medicine and administration. The Malaysian Journal of Emergency Medicine or MJEM is created to provide such a platform for South East Asian and also other international emergency medical services alike. It is an open access on line peer reviewed journal.

This journal features original articles, case reports, short communications, commentaries and letters to editor. Manuscripts can be submitted on line using the methods described in the submission section.
CHIEF EDITOR: Associate Professor Dr Mohd Idzwan Zakaria

Vol 1 No 2 (2016): Supplementary Issue

This issue contains the abstracts of the Oral and Poster Presentations of the 1st EMERGENCY MEDICINE ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC MEETING 2016

Published: 2017-05-10

OP 3 A Prospective Observational Study On The Impact Of A Protocol-Driven Management Of St Elevation Myocardial Infarction (Stemi) On Event Timings In A Newly-Established Stemi Network

R Hawari, Mahathar Abd Wahab, Rosli Mohd Ali, Alzamani Idrose, Rahal Yusoff, Al Fazir Omar, Intan Safarinaz Sabian, Farina Mat Salleh, Robaayah Zambahari


PP 5 Boerhaave Syndrome: Not That Rare?

J Ding, R Rahmat, N A Roslan


PP 7 Mom, I Pee Out Stones! Paediatric Urolithiasis

Chai Dek Chiun, Kevin Wong Chuing Shen


PP 8 The Fat That Ran Away

Loke Kien Yip, Syed Shahrul Naz, Datin Ranjini


PP 9 Cognitive Reasoning Of An Emergency Physician

K K Gan, K S Chew, A A M Ramdhan, M Md Saed


PP 12 Drug Induced Ards

Md Fahmi, S Ranjini


PP 14 Pulmonary Embolism Mimicking ACS

CK Wong, AKH Lai, Nariman Singmamae


PP 19 Sweet Child Of Mine

A S Asri, Cecilia A S


PP 20 Spontaneous Pneumopericardium, Case Report

A H Mohd Mustamam, S S N Syed Shamsuddin


PP 23 Help Doctor, I Cant Move My Right Leg Post LSCS

Cecilia Anthonysamy, Muhammad Hafizi Suhaimi Fauzi, Lim Poh Hin, Rosidah Ibrahim


PP 24 Dont Miss It!!!

Faisza Abdul Aziz, Rashdan Rahmat


PP 25 Dengue Perimyocarditis; Hypovolemic Vs Cardiogenic Shock?

Iskasymar Ismail, Tengku Suriani Tengku Ismail, Norzian Ismail


PP 26 Heart Stopper!

J Ding, R Rahmat, S A Cha


PP 29 Edoc: The Nerve In A Disaster Exercise

Cecilia Anthonysamy, Rosidah Ibrahim


PP 32 Beri Beri A Disease Of Textbook?

Hafizah Hamzah, Mohd Fahmi, Zakiah Jamil


PP 33 Keep Bending Keep Keep Bending

Loke Kien Yip, Zakiah Jamili, Datin Ranjini


PP 37 Post Trauma Massive Pulmonary Embolism In Pregnancy

Kalaivanan M K, Kheng Soo Ng, Kalai Amuthan G, Losheni P


PP 39 Abdominal Distension Post Analgesia

Loke Kien Yip, Zakiah ., Ranjini .


PP 41 Point Of Care Ultrasound Is Useful In Diagnosing Soft Tissue Tumour

J Md Noor, M I K Mohamad, M A M Mokhtar, S S Hamzah, N F Yasin


PP 51 History Saved It All, Case Report

A H Mohd Mustamam, N Muhammad Farid, Wong ., Y J Lee, N Mohd Ali


PP 52 Arise From The Dead, Case Report

A H Mohd Mustamam, M F Mohd Abdul Kader Jailani, N Z’aba, S L Balakrishnan, N Mohd Ali


PP 53 Deadly Twitch: A Case Study Of Unusual Organophosphate Poisoning Presentation

Ismawati Ismail, Siti Nur Afifah MZ, Rifdi Rasyid Ibrahim


PP 55 Case Of Electronic Cigarette Induced Anaphylaxis

Iskasymar Ismail, Boon Hui Kua, Mohd Amin Mohd Mokhtar


PP 56 The Toy Story Dildo In Rectum

Baran Palanimuthu, Alzamani Idrose


PP 57 Deadly Airbags Towards Paediatric Population

Thiviya Muthusamy, Baran Palanimuthu, Baran Palanimuthu


PP 58 Ouch, My Tummy Hurts And Its Not Contraction Pain

Poulomi Choudhury, Baran Palanimuthu, Alzamani Idrose


PP 63 Nutcracker Syndrome In A Young Girl Treated With Endovascular Stenting

A R Hariz, K Izan M G, Lenny S, Krishna K, Azim I, H Harunarashid


PP 64 A Rare Case Of Metastatic Disease Of The Aorta

Ismail ., A R Hariz, Krishna K, K Izan M G, Lenny S, Azim I, H Harunarashid


PP 65 Tumour Of The Inferior Vena Cava: A Case Series

Lenny S, Krishna K, K Izan M G, Azim I, H Harunarashid


PP 66 Aneurysm Of The Visceral Vessel: A Rare Cause Of Abdominal Pain

Wilson Liew, Lenny S, Krishna K, K Izan M G, Azim I, H Harunarashid


PP 68 Beware Of The Milky Fluids Post Abdominal Surgery

Surita S, Lenny S, Krishna K, K Izan M G, Azim I, H Harunarashid


PP 71 Worms in My Urine!: Shistosomiasis

Mohd Safwan Che Jamil, Alzamani Idrose


PP 72 Deadly Stridor Retropharyngeal Abscess In An Elderly Patient

Zarif Syazani Sabudin, Alzamani Idrose, Nurul Liana Roslan


PP 74 Air in My Eye: Orbital Emphysema

Muhamad Syis Zulkipli, Alzamani Idrose


PP 76 I Am Tall And Breathless For A Reason: Marfans Syndrome With Pneumothorax

Muhammad Salahuddin Mohamed Ayoob, Shalini Krishna Kumar, Alzamani Idrose


PP 81 Angry Wolf On My Leg : Bullous Erysipelas

Nishkah Jeyapalasingam, Alzamani Idrose


PP 83 Shortened Airway Open Tracheal Injury From Slashed Wound

Nurul Liana Roslan, Alzamani Idrose, Ibrahim Batcha


PP 84 Disarmed Amputatedforearm At The Elbowjoint

Prasannah Selvarajah, Ahmad Ibrahim Kamal Batcha, Alzamani Idrose


PP 87 Streptokinase Versus Tenecteplase For Acute Myocardial Infarction

Roslanuddin M S, Zynelia H, Julina MN, Annuar Deen M K, Sarah S A K


PP 90 Trauma Scoring Systems In Malaysia: Which One?

Sabariah F Jamaluddin, Ikhwan H M N, Choy R X Y, Thyagarajan Ravi C, Yeo Y L


PP 91 The Application Of Serum Biomarkers To Detectpre-Malignant Lesions Ingastric Corpus

H L Tan, C S Ngiu, N R Kosai, J Naidu, R Abdul Rani, M H Elias, N M Mokhtar, NA Hamid, R A Raja Ali


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