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Grace Wan Chen Lim Ida Zarina Zaini


This study is to measure the level of burnout syndrome among doctors in emergency department in Malaysia. By identifying the work related factors causing burnout syndrome in ED will help to improve the working environment and increase the quality of work life. 

 This is a cross sectional study which conducted in 4 different hospitals for 1 year. Doctors who are eligible were recruited. Briefing was given and validated questionnaires were distributed and collected at the same setting. The questionnaire consists of 5 components: demographic, Maslach burnout inventory, DCSQ, work place violence (WPV) and stressful event in workplace. Data analyzed using SPSS 21.0 software and chi square was used.

319 samples collected, 66 were excluded due to incomplete data, possible of psychiatry problem and refusal of participation. 253 samples was analyzed and 57(21.5%) respondent suffered from high level of burnout syndrome. 94(35.5%) respondent was emotional exhausted, with 131(49.4%) showed of depersonalization and 166(62.6%) with low personal achievement. High level of burnout group was seen in young, female, house officer with lower income and lesser working experience. 46(80.7%) respondent of high burnout group were observed in non-university hospital, however, there is no significant difference among these 2 groups. The job characteristic showed ED was an active job with high job demand and high job control rather than high job strains. The incidences of WPV in ED were high with 156(58.9%) respondent experienced verbal harassment, in which 166(62.6%) witnessed in last 6 month. Unfortunately, the reporting rate is low.

 The level of burnout syndrome in Malaysia was lowered compared to nationwide data; however, with comparison of local study, it is arising. There is no significant association between the university and non university hospital with the high burnout group. Work related factors are identified but further studies are required to look at the extensiveness.




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